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One of the most life-changing and transformative experiences in life is studying abroad. Since going in a foreign land requires lot of courage, we go beyond our boundaries to appreciate it and make your study abroad dream feasible. From helping you choose the best country, university and course, we take every step possible to make it the best experience of your life. We don’t restrict our counselling to time or place as we are always available around the clock. We have made our services available in both online and offline mode, 24*7. On special request, we offer counselling in person, at your home.

We believe that our counselling session are little different than others as we like to listen more and speak less. We like to hear about your dreams, aspirations and your goals. Knowing you will help us in choosing the right course, college and country, for you. Choose from 800+ universities in 35 countries.

Our experienced counsellors are trained to help you choose your destination country and university. They have prior knowledge of the pros and cons that every country carries and thereby will be a better guide to lead you. Therefore, we advise you to take advantage and book our counselling session. Let’s connect for a more in-depth discussion, and guess what? It’s completely Free.

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shortlisting & application SIO

Shortlisting & Application

From screening your application to submitting it to institutions, you can take advantage of the comprehensive handholding. In over 800 universities in 35 countries, we provide university and college options according to your profile. Our counsellors are quite important in this regard. They assess your qualifications and offer expert advice on international institutions and courses, making the process of narrowing down countries and universities much easier. They will advise you on options that are relevant to both your career and financial goals.

Our counsellors will also help you become more aware of universities that provide scholarships, paid internship offers, and career opportunities, so you can plan your finances before leaving your home country. So, pay attention to the advice of experts in this field and make sure that your dream of studying abroad comes true. Choose the ideal career for you based on your qualifications.

IELTS Coaching

More than 10,000 university and training providers across the world accept an IELTS certificate as proof of English language ability. Where courses are given in English, several universities in non-English speaking nations need an IELTS score. The IELTS Academic test is appropriate for undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as professional registration.

In order to join the best training institute for one month, you have to pay the IELTS coaching costs of roughly Rs 10,000 which can rise up to 15,000 for 2 months but we offer up to 100% scholarship and with guaranteed results.

We have an IELTS certified trainer on staff, and we offer online IELTS preparation (reading, writing, and speaking) with up to a 100% scholarship.

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Financial Assistance SIO

Financial Assistance

You’ll undoubtedly agree that the financial issue will be the ultimate deciding factor after you’ve gained a deep awareness of the institutions of your choice and your fit into the preferred university. Studying abroad costs and other connected expenses differ from nation to nation, university to university, and course to course.

We assist you in obtaining an educational loan, grant, or scholarship from the university or country of your choice, ensuring that money is never a barrier to achieving your dreams. We have been working in this field for years and have tie ups with banks such as SBI, BOB, HDFC Cedilla for educational loan; thereby we can also help you it getting educational loan at cheap interest rates and with or without mortgage.

VISA Application

This is the most critical stage of your entire study abroad process, and you will need professional help. If you have gotten an acceptance letter from your selected university and have paid your initial tuition fee, you can apply for a student visa. Obtaining a student visa is a time-consuming process that requires a great amount of effort due to the large number of documents required. Furthermore, because each country has its own set of restrictions, understanding the visa requirements is critical.

An in-depth examination of the student visa application procedure can assist you in planning ahead of time and ensuring that everything is completed correctly. As your one-stop study abroad consultant here’s what we can do to help you get your visa applied in time with full care. Our Director, Mr. Richard Suman Halder, personally looks into all documents and gives us a green signal before we apply.

From filling out the visa application forms to having your documents ready and submitting them on time, our team of Country Specific Career Advisors will assist and support you through the entire process.

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Pre Departure Assistance SIO

Pre-Departure Assistance

We present a pre-departure briefing to assist you get a better sense of what to remember before flying to your favorite destination. Our ‘Pre-Departure Booklet’ covers all aspects of travel as well as the initial month of stay for each country.

We also organize workshops to educate and inform you on the immigration process and also to give you a glimpse and taste of a student’s life in a foreign country.

You will also get the opportunity to meet alumni from a variety of colleges around the world who will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the lifestyle and culture of various nations and continents. You can also use us to meet other students travelling overseas so that you can form a link if you’re all going to the same destination.

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What our students say


Renita Sequeira VIU, Canada

I submitted my student VISA application through SIO, and I can say with no doubt that I have been so relieved with the entire process. They are highly methodical and responsive to all queries.

genia giri
Genia Giri Griffith Uni., Australia

I've known Richard Sir for more than 12 years when he was a teacher in my school, St. Xavier's. I applied through him in Griffith University, and got my offer within 1 day. Thank you SIO.

Jessy Varghese
Jessy Varghese CBU, Canada

Since I'm from Jaipur, I haven't met SIO team even once, but it feels like a family. They helped me prepare for IELTS, and I scored 7 band. The care and confidence that SIO instills is commendable.