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Studies In Overseas (SIO) is a Google 5-star rated Study Abroad consultancy with 100% Student Visa success in 2023-24. We strive to provide 24×7 free services to our students. We value your trust and are committed to bringing to life your study abroad dream with human touch, speed, and accuracy.

Studies In Overseas (SIO) is a one-stop solution to all your study abroad needs. Select from 800+ Universities/ Colleges in 33+ Countries, which includes the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, and France, among other popular study-abroad destinations.

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Free Counselling
Free Counselling

We Provide Free Online And Offline Counselling At A Time Of Your Convenience; And Understand Your Study Abroad Goals.
This Being The Foundation Stage In Your Study Abroad Journey, We Work Meticulously To Understand You, Your Strengths And Weaknesses, Your Study Abroad Needs And Constraints, Your Short Term And Long Term Aspirations; Then Suggest You Countries And Courses Those Will Help You Meet Your Academic, Professional And Life Goals.

Short Listing & Application
Short Listing & Application

We Thoroughly Assess Your Profile And Help You Select The Best Countries, Universities & Courses Meeting Your Goals.
Leveraging The Expertise Of Our Consultants, You Will Gain Valuable Information And Insights On Which Countries And Universities/ Colleges To Apply, Which Meets Your Academic, Professional And Life Goals; And Will Give You The Highest Return On Your Educational Investment. Our Experts Will Thoroughly Assess Your Profile And Help You Select The Best-Fit Countries And Universities/ Colleges Globally, And Apply In The Quickest Time Possible.

Online & Offline Coaching
Online & Offline Coaching

We Provide Excellent Offline & Online Coaching For IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ GRE/ GMAT/ SAT at the most affordable fee.
Almost All Countries And Their Universities/ Colleges Will Need You To Showcase Your English Language Competence Through IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE Score. Some, Though Very Few, Will Also Need Your GRE/ GMAT/ SAT Score. Opt For Our 50% OFF Online Coaching From Anywhere In India Delivered By Highly Experienced Teachers. Our Coaching Are Delivered Through Live Classes. You Can Also Avail Class Recordings, Study Materials And Mock Tests To Help You Crack These Exams With Ease.

Scholarship & Education Loan
Scholarship & Education Loan

We Help You Get Scholarship And Education Loan. We Also Offer Guaranteed SIO Scholarship Of Up To Rs. 20,000.

Almost All Universities/ Colleges Around The World Offer A Diverse Array Of Scholarships To Eligible International Students. Some Countries Like Italy And Germany Offer Up To 100% Scholarship On Tuition Fees. Italian Government Also Provides Stipend To Cover Living Expense. If You Need Education Loan We Can Make The Process Hassle-Free Through Our Tie-Ups With Banks And NBFCs, Like Axis Bank, Yes Bank, IDFC First Bank, HDFC Credila, Avanse, And Others.

VISA Application
VISA Application

We Apply For Your Visa At Your Convenient Time, In Your Presence Or By Screen-Sharing To Ensure 100% Transparency.

At SIO, We Prioritize Your Convenience And Peace Of Mind Throughout The Visa Application Process. Trust Us To Navigate The Complexities, Guiding You With Visa Documentation, Interview Preparation, SOP Writing, And Ensuring Your Visa Application Is Submitted On Time With Precision And Competence. Be assured That Your Visa Will Be Lodged By Our Visa Experts With Utmost Care And Accuracy.

Pre Departure Assistance
Pre Departure Assistance

We Help You Book Flight Ticket, Accommodation, Forex Card, International SIM Card, And More, Before You Go.
In Addition, Once Your Visa Is Granted We Introduce And Connect You To SIO’s Global Students Network WhatsApp Group, So That You Can Network, Take Accommodation And Part Time Job Guidance, And Resolve Any Query Which You May Have Before You Travel To A New Country. We Also Organise SIO Stars Meet Party For Our Visa Holders During Major Intakes So That You Make A Few Friends Who Can Come Handy In Foreign Land. The Journey To A Thousand Miles Begins With Your One Step!


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What Our Students Say

I had the most incredible experience working with SIO, all thanks to my counselors Richard Sir and Sonali Ma’am! From the very beginning, they displayed a level of professionalism and dedication that truly set them apart. Right from our initial meeting, Ma’am attentively listened to my aspirations, academic goals, and preferences. They carefully considered all these factors while suggesting suitable study abroad programs. Their knowledge of various destinations and universities was impressive, and they provided me with an extensive range of options. Throughout the application process, Sir and Ma’am offered personalized assistance, ensuring that all my documents were in order, and my applications were submitted well before deadlines. I would suggest anyone looking for a study abroad counselor in Kolkata to ring them and give it a shot for the smoothest and best experience. Thanks a lot SIO.

Ankit Rai
Arizona State University, USA

Grateful to Richard Sir and the entire SIO Team, for making my dream to study in the UK come true. Their endless support and efforts to file applications on time is commendable. From shortlisting colleges to finding scholarships, they helped me every step of the way. They even helped me to fill in my visa application, also to look for accommodation, and connected me with previous students as well. I highly recommend any aspirant to go with SIO, since they have a personal touch and treat every student with utmost sincerity. Cheers to SIO!

Anshita Pasari
The University of Sheffield, UK

Long story alert: My journey began in 2017 when I met Richard Sir, and little did I know how significantly this man would change my life. At that time, I was pursuing my Master’s in Ahmedabad without a solid plan for my future, as Cyber Security was still an emerging term for many. Richard Sir had faith in me and encouraged me to attempt the IELTS exam. He provided guidance, corrected numerous writing pieces, and, to my surprise, I successfully cleared it. Following this achievement, he introduced me to opportunities in Canada, where I could pursue my second master’s and build a career in Cyber Security, given its booming demand in North America. After careful consideration, we decided to apply to Dalhousie University, Canada, ranked among the top 300 universities globally. Throughout the application process, whether it was crafting the Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LOR), Visa Application, or obtaining the offer letter, he stood by me like a rock, guiding me through each challenge. With his unwavering support, I received my offer letter, followed by obtaining a Study Visa in November 2018. I arrived in Canada in December 2018 and successfully graduated in 2020. I graduated during the global struggle with the devastating effects of COVID-19, with employees facing layoffs. However, after numerous job applications, LinkedIn messages, and coffee meet-ups with professionals from different companies, I landed my first job in Canada, where I have been for the last three years. Currently, I am a Permanent Resident of Canada since 2023, and all of this happened because of the ideas and support of this man, who is more like an elder brother to me. For those planning to study abroad, rest assured that this man will be there for you until the end.

Abhishek Kumar
Dalhousie University, Canada

Studies In Overseas (Richard Sir and Aarti Ma’am) helped me with my upcoming master’s journey in Australia. They helped me navigate through the courses and find the best university for me. They made all the procedures a lot easier since the beginning of the journey & till the visa process. I really liked their guidance and support throughout this process.

Sharmistha Jana
Monash University, Australia

I am doing my masters from University of Naples, Federico II, Italy, which is more than 700 yrs old. I had applied through SIO, and received 100% Scholarship on tuition fee + a Stipend of 7080 Euros (approximately Rs. 6 lakh) per year.

Selestina Gomes
University of Naples, Italy

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Studies In Overseas (SIO) – Best study abroad consultant


Education in abroad locations, in foreign universities, requires a proper understanding of the system for the students to have a seamless experience. Our institute primarily focuses on the attributes of educational excellence with the top universities worldwide for study abroad. We provide facilities of counseling, that make the students more integrated with their aimed education while understanding the foreign system with us, study abroad consultants. We also make studying more prominent and effective for individual students as our system is focused on searching, selecting, and application of the courses in their preferred universities. Facilities of online consultation are provided to the students while making the classes more integrated with learning the course and syllabus related to the chosen educational session abroad. 

Facilities of scholarship and loan assistance are also provided to the students which enables them to identify their best interests abroad. Student loans for studying abroad are organized by our consultancy since we make educational scholarship packages more attainable by the students. Proper consultation makes the process of scholarship more effective as we have tie-ups with banks that have an international presence in the market. Our collaborations with NBFCs and banks, such as Axis Bank, IDFC First Bank, Avanse, Yes Bank, HDFC Credila, and many others have made the attributes of scholarship and education loans for abroad studies more convenient. With our consultation, queries like how to get scholarship to study abroad become more effective and seamless for the students. 

Facilities of VISA and study abroad scholarships are consulted by our expert services while making abroad education more reliable and convenient for the students. Application for student VISA and their verifications have become more convenient with our consultation services since documentation of the VISA has become reliable with us. Assistance for pre-departure is also consulted and discussed here with our expertise since they make the experiences of the students more reliable and authentic. With this assistance about foreign education, the attributes of studying and learning amidst foreign culture become seamless and less worrisome. These procedures with study abroad consultants are the most effective and reliable aspects of scholarship education that is offered by us. 

Services provided by us 

Free counselling 

Planning abroad education requires the students to understand the attributes of their future goals with better precision which becomes more prominent with our consultation. Individual consultations are provided to the students as it helps to make the courses of abroad universities further resourceful and understandable by the students. This type of discussion with the study abroad consultants makes the process of understanding education more resourceful and significant for the students. Through our consultation with online and offline facilities, the attributes of the students become more effective for their chosen courses as it helps to make the students more aim-oriented. 

Understanding the students with their attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, helps our counseling to identify resources in foreign universities which makes the process of decision-making more precise. Technical assistance with identifying the course syllabus helps the students gain a better understanding of their future opportunities, making them choose from their preferences. Educational understanding while identifying universities becomes more sustainable with study abroad consultants like us. Moreover, in this manner, both short-term and long-term education and the personal goals of the students become more consistent while increasing the proficiency of the students while approaching foreign systems. 

Search, Selection & Application 

Searching for the most appropriate universities becomes more reliable with proper consultations while selecting among the many universities since the scholarship choices become further effective for the students. Identification of study loan for abroad becomes more effective as students gain a clear understanding of the different places of education while understanding the most reliable place for them. Consultants and our experts with abroad knowledge of education help the students to gain a clear understanding of the different life goals along with their impact on their professional and academic goals. 

Identifying the best countries to study abroad becomes more prominent with the support of our experts while making education more convenient and understandable for the candidates. Procedures of exams to study abroad become more significant with our support as we make the students more aware of their life goals and the way their education has an impact on them. Factors like the benefits of studying abroad become more eligible to understand with our experts since the attributes of learning become further effective with proper consultancy. Technical attributes like providing a better idea of the foreign culture make the system more systematic and consistent for the students. Moreover, our thorough research and selection attributes make the experience of the students to be more very decisive about their future opportunities. 

Online Coaching 

Coaching services provided by us are intended to give a better outlook on foreign education to the students while making their language understanding more prominent. Foreign universities require the students to be selected by their scores of IELTS or TOEFL or PTE. As these scores help identify the viability of the English understanding of the students, it helps to make the university authorities more aware of their students’ quotas. Few of the universities also take scores of the GRE or GMAT or SAT to be indicative of their students’ intelligence and basic knowledge of their chosen courses. As our expertise in foreign education is higher, we tend to make the students more integrated with their chosen attributes in the market. 

This manner of educational consultancy makes the attributes of the best country to study abroad for Indian students more understandable while increasing our market value. Through the support of study abroad consultants like us, this aspect of choosing universities and their course criteria become more viable to achieve for the students. Since we tend to provide the services of the best study abroad consultants to the Indian students, it makes their experiences about abroad studies to become more relevant and authentic. As the online and offline classes with guidance help the students to become more proficient in their positions of foreign education, identification of the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students becomes more recognizable. 

Scholarship & Loan Assistance 

Attributes of scholarship in foreign universities become more reliable with the support of our guidance regarding study fare facilities. Queries like how can I study abroad become prominent with our facilities and educational guidance as expertise about scholarship plan arrangements. Reliable guidance with study abroad counseling helps the students gain an understanding of the loan structure while making their attributes of education and placements further understandable. Approaching scholarship to study abroad for Indian students has become further insightful for students with the support of Studies In Overseas (SIO) expertise while making them further integrated with the system. As we have technical attributes for researching and understanding scholarship schemes in foreign universities, it helps the students gain a clearer understanding of their educational fees. 

As our databases are linked with the worldwide educational system and infrastructure, tie-ups with global banking organizations have become further effective for the students. International banks like Axis Bank, IDFC First Bank, HDFC Credila, Yes Bank, and Avanse have connections with us which has helped us to create a sustainable base of opportunities for scholarships for the students. As the system of scholarships in Germany and Italy is 100% for students, expanses of foreign education become more reliable for our candidates. Through the services of proper application for scholarships, the attributes of education gain a smooth experience indicating the facilities of Indian scholarships to study abroad. Moreover, the best places to study abroad become more identifiable since Italy is one of the countries that provides full scholarships and a stipend amount for the living costs of the students. 

VISA Application 

With authentic and effortless VISA applications, the experience of the students becomes more reliable while increasing the viability of the particular course. Checklists of the VISA requirements and documentation are provided by us since we provide reliable services to our clients while approaching the best offers. VISA documentation and application for educational purposes are completed by us on behalf of the students, as the attributes of loan applications with proper educational background become more effective with these aspects. 

As the infrastructure of Italy allows to study abroad for free for the students, it makes their system of VISA to be more systematic which becomes further consistent with our consultations and guidance. Technical attributes of documentation with a proper understanding of the scholarship and living structure make this further effective for the students. As the facilities of the application become seamless with our online and screen-sharing attributes, it has made the whole procedure more trustworthy for the students. 

Pre Departure Assistance 

Assistance for pre-departure is provided by our experts since it helps the students increase their integration with the process of learning. Arrangements of flight tickets with proper details of accommodation, Forex card collection, and SIM card for international purposes become further reliable with our expert guidance and support. Making connections with the Global Students’ Network Group of SIO, helps the students to gain better confidence in their positions while making the journey further effective and reliable for their future abroad. 

As the system of education has become further resourceful with these kinds of attributes from our organizational aspect, it has made the attributes of abroad education programs more effective and resourceful. Significant aspects of pre-departure help the attributes of the abroad study plan while making the entire experience more strategic and effective for the students. 

Destinations of studying abroad 

Study in USA 

The universities of the USA are attributed here as they make the education of foreign students more compelling and opportunistic for their future throughout the global market. Expectations for studying in the USA universities are quite trustworthy since high-ranked universities are approached here with our study abroad consultants. Considering the 27 universities, study in USA has become more reliable for foreign students while making the experiences more eligible. Scores for the GRE or GMAT are very flexible in these universities which indicates a high level of acceptance in backlogs of the foreign quota of students. Various facilities for study abroad with scholarships and bursaries are available in the universities, indicating easy entry criteria for foreign students. 

Requirements for the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE are very reliable in these universities since they tend to make the experiences of students primarily integrated into educational growth. Curricular Practice Training (CPT) for the students is provided, along with Optional Practice Training (OPT) that helps the students to gain better sustenance at their taken courses of education. Better research opportunities are provided to the students interested to study abroad which makes their experiences further resourceful for both educational and career prospects. 

Study in the UK 

Among the best-ranked universities, 17 of the institutes are located in the UK, indicating its relevance to the top 100 ranked universities with foreign education systems. Educational attributes in Master’s courses make this more systematic since the duration for this has been reduced to one year. Reliable education with work rights makes the learning process more affordable while reducing the duration of the course has helped in this aspect of study in UK. IELTS waivers for the students are available as admission with class 12 scores in English are eligible for entrance to education in the UK. proper systems of education with study abroad counseling makes the process more viable for the abroad students. 

Easy criteria for entry, into courses have become more reliable with the support of internships or other integrated programs in the UK. Criteria for Diploma courses, Pre-Master, and other entry-level education have become more fundamental for abroad students in the UK. 

Study in Canada 

Educational attributes in Canada are also very reliable for the students which makes their experiences more opportunistic for their future options. As the resources of study in Canada are primarily based on the 9 best-ranked universities among the 200 ranked universities, it makes education for foreign quota more effective and integrated for the students. Low fees for tuition with opportunities to study MBBS abroad and diverse bachelor’s degrees with post-graduation or diploma courses have made the education system more effective for students in Canada. Post-study VISA for work is also available in the system of Canada which inclines students to keep their positions in this system with better consistency. 

The residency system for the courses helps the students to keep their attributes intact while studying there. The wage structure of Canada has made the aspect of foreign study more reliable and effective which makes the process of education more sustained with future opportunities. Scores of IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are accepted here which makes the experiences of study abroad more effective for the students. 

Study in Australia 

Among the 100 universities with high ranks, 9 of them are a part of Australia which indicates the growth of foreign education more systematic while making it more effective for the students. The low level of tuition fees makes this process more appropriate for foreign students, as it makes the experience of candidates with the cheapest countries to study abroad more integrated with the educational system. Part-time to permanent work rights are provided to the students to have better sustenance in their work and education life balance. As for scholarship to study abroad for Indian students have become more reliable with the permanent residency facilities for the students, which makes the attributes of such education more valuable. 

The facilities of post-study work VISA is available for the students with good remarks that have approached educational guidance from us, the best study abroad consultants in India. As the low fees of tuition make the attributes of study in Australia more effective for the career growth of the students, it makes our students more inclined to the best study abroad consultants in India. 

Study in Italy (FREE) 

Educational facilities in Italy are the most reliable place for students interested to study abroad with scholarship resources. Techniques for gaining scholarships for study in Italy for free have become further eligible with its open-minded structure of education. The government of Italy provides facilities for stipend education which allows the students to gain better consistency at their study abroad. More reliability in the education system comes along with very low expenses of living and free Italian courses. Part-time options for jobs and post-study VISA facilities for work make the process of education in Italy more reliable for students. 

Basic courses with English-taught aspects are also available in Italy, which provides a system of education more prominent with scholarship attributes. Through this type of sustainable educational system, queries like how can I get scholarship to study abroad become more understandable while increasing their relevance in contemporary times. 

Refer and earn with us 

We provide chances to earn for both students and teachers, including freelancers homemakers, or any working professional who requires extra earning. Zero investments in money, zero time investment with no particular targets or pressure, working from any place with free training and 24*7 services are available here in our system of referring and earning. Referral of new students provides particular amounts of money to the participants while making the process more convenient for them with minimal effort. 


Moreover, the attributes of modern education have become reliable with the support of study abroad consultants like us, the SIO, which makes educational approaches more serious for its students. Providing future opportunities with reliable techniques of learning and working, the attributes of scholarship education in foreign lands have become more resourceful. We tend to provide students with a better outlook on abroad education while providing them the knowledge of scholarships along with facilities for work in the future.