Studies In Overseas (SIO)’s Refer & Earn!

Are you an IELTS teacher, a college goer, a homemaker, a working professional, or a freelancer, looking to earn some extra money, with almost no time investment and zero money investment? Then you are at the right place.
How do you value your Network? Well, if you don’t value it, cultivate it, nurture it, it becomes worthless. If you do value it, it becomes priceless. Transform your Network into Net-worth, by ‘Referring a Student’ to study in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Italy, or Germany; and earn Rs. 20,000 – 50,000 per successful Student Visa.

Let’s grow together like a family, socially and financially.

Director, Studies In Overseas (SIO)

Mr. Richard Suman Halder, MSc, MBA


Zero Money Investment

To be a Studies In Overseas (SIO)’s Study Abroad Agent you donot need to invest a single rupee on Registration, Training, Material, Networking, or for any other thing or means. Everything is Free; and when we say Free, it means Free. No conditions applied.

Almost No Time Investment

With SIO, you have the freedom to work actively and/or passively. Actively, you can ‘Refer a Student’ and earn Rs. 20,000 – 50,000 per successful Student Visa. Passively, you can ‘Refer an Agent’ and earn Rs. 5,000 – 10,000 on each of his/her successful Student Visa, lifetime.

No Target, No Pressure

At SIO,you are the owner of your time and effort. The more you refer, the more you earn. You don’t refer, you don’t earn. Simple! The only requirement is that you and your network combined must get at least one Visa grant per year to keep your account active.

Work from Anywhere

Referring a student or adding a study abroad agent won’t require your daily time. Keep your eyes are ears open to who in your network is planning to study abroad, or who in your network has access to students planning to study abroad. Just connect them to us.

Free Training

You can simply Refer a Student and let us do the remaining, Counselling to Visa. Or, you may want to be a Study Abroad Freelance Tele-Counselor and increase your earning. In that case, we will provide you Free Training on major countries, and provide you with calling data.

24X7 Service

We take immense pride on being a Google 5 star rated study abroad consultant. It has been achieved by delivering 24X7 fast and accurate service, to our students and agents alike. You will also be provided the contact details of our Director for any escalation.


How much can I earn per student referral?

For the first three successful student visa, you will earn Rs 20,000 per CAN / IRE / NZ case, and Rs. 30,000 per USA / UK / AUS / ITALY / GER case.

For fourth to sixth successful student visa, you will earn Rs 30,000 per CAN / IRE / NZ case, and Rs. 40,000 per USA / UK / AUS / ITALY / GER case.

From seventh successful student visa onward, you will earn Rs 40,000 per CAN / IRE / NZ case, and Rs. 50,000 per USA / UK / AUS / ITALY / GER case.

The total number of cases will be calculated as per the total number of successful Student Visas in each payment cycle. The current payment cycle is 1st Jan 2024 – 30th Sept 2024.

How much can I earn per agent referral?

Experts say that the easiest way to achieving financial freedom is by creating means of passive income streams, i.e. creating income sources that don’t require your time or money.

Studies In Overseas (SIO) gives you the opportunity to create your passive income source by adding agents like IELTS teachers, JEE/NEET/MBA coaching institutes, Principals, homemakers, college students, and others who may have access to potential study abroad students, year after year.

The agents you refer to Studies In Overseas (SIO) will get payouts as per ‘Refer a Student’ commission mentioned above. Additionally, you will earn Rs. 5,000 on every agents every CAN / IRE / NZ successful Student Visa, and Rs. 10,000 on every agents every USA / UK / AUS / ITALY / GER successful Student Visa, LIFETIME!

When and how will I get my payments?

We do not charge a single rupee for any of our services, counseling to visa, then how do we earn money? The answer is simple. We are paid by the universities / colleges / partner agencies when student completes one semester of study abroad. The payments usually come between 3 – 6 months from a student’s course start date.

However, we do not want you to wait so long for your payment. Hence we will make 1st half commission payment within 7 days of student’s Visa grant and the 2nd half commission will be paid when we get paidby the universities / colleges / partner agencies.All payment will be made via bank transfers, and are subject to tax, whatever applicable.

In case any student discontinues his/her study and the case becomes non commissionable, then all commissions paid till that point I time has to be returned within a week of informing the same.


What Our Students Say

I had the most incredible experience working with SIO, all thanks to my counselors Richard Sir and Sonali Ma’am! From the very beginning, they displayed a level of professionalism and dedication that truly set them apart. Right from our initial meeting, Ma’am attentively listened to my aspirations, academic goals, and preferences. They carefully considered all these factors while suggesting suitable study abroad programs. Their knowledge of various destinations and universities was impressive, and they provided me with an extensive range of options. Throughout the application process, Sir and Ma’am offered personalized assistance, ensuring that all my documents were in order, and my applications were submitted well before deadlines. I would suggest anyone looking for a study abroad counselor in Kolkata to ring them and give it a shot for the smoothest and best experience. Thanks a lot SIO.

Ankit Rai
Arizona State University, USA

Penning down a review for SIO is an emotion for me and not a casual write-up. Words fail to express the gratefulness I wish to convey to the entire team of SIO for the support and confidence they have provided me. It was a year back that I was preparing to go to the USA for my master’s and I had already partnered with a study abroad consultant here at Guwahati, Assam. I was always fearful about having just 50% marks in graduation and believed that I would never get through anywhere. A few visits to their office and counseling sessions made me confident that I was with the right people and that I did not need to look further for guidance. I even paid them a huge sum just for consultation. However, they were giving me university options that were either very highly ranked (which I knew I had no chance of getting into) or extremely poorly ranked. I honestly reached a point where I thought getting any offer was a huge achievement for me and I was made to believe that it was my marks that led me to this point. When I spoke to Sonali for the first time I did not take her seriously and treated it like any random call from a consultant, but I liked the fact that she was fine with me having another consultant and never forced me to take their services only. She gave me the leverage to choose my options and what was in my best interest. She would pick up my calls at midnight and beyond to answer my queries and never once said that she was tired or she would call me back the next day. She knew how underconfident I felt and that I lost hope of studying at any good institution. It was SIO who introduced me to the concept of pre-masters programs which are offered by most highly ranked universities abroad and these pathway programs are a way to reach your desired universities. I knew immediately that I wanted to go ahead with them and that I was sure of being placed in a University of my choice. Also, my previous consultants never even spoke about these programs to me and were applying directly knowing the adversities in my profile which could have surely led me to rejection. After working alongside SIO for almost a year now, I am going for a pre-master program in business from INTO after successful completion of which I will be doing an M.Sc. in International marketing from Newcastle University. SIO has not only helped me get admission but has also helped me gain back my self-confidence which I had lost completely. They came to me when I had no hope for myself and gave every bit of their effort to make me realize that I belonged somewhere. It would be unfair of me if I didn’t mention Richard Sir’s contribution during my entire application process. He was always there to answer my queries. He filled up the UK Visa form himself and fixed my Visa appointment date though it was a holiday for him. They go that extra mile to make sure that we feel heard. They treated me like a friend and not like a potential client to be thrown into any random university which is what I liked best about them. I am very happy and pleased to work with SIO. I did not even realize when from professional individuals we transitioned into friends. Not many people know how to treat you in such a special way and not charge a single penny for their hard work.

Anusha Rosaline Shaw
(INTO) Newcastle University, UK

I still remember the day on which I met Sonali outside of my IELTS exam center. When we first interacted, I immediately felt how simple and humble she was. Few days later, we connected over a phone call and she explained beautifully all the nitty-gritty details related to study Visa process and also answered to my each queries patiently. I was convinced by her genuine and simple approach and decided to file my student Visa with SIO. When I started thinking about building my Canada student Visa profile, I knew I had to take external assistance who would understand my perspective very well as my profile was a bit complicated (because I was about to start my student life once more after 10 years!). When I discussed my profile with Sonali, she immediately suggested me to get in touch with her supervisor Richard Sir who was one of the generous human beings I have ever interacted. Richard Sir was very cooperative and friendly. He had tremendous amount of knowledge about Visa/immigration process and was very kind enough to assess my profile diligently. He guided me through my entire Visa journey from start to finish (from selecting colleges, courses to Visa filing in embassy). Wherever I had any questions, Richard Sir always hand-held me and gave me some indispensable tips which were worth a million. I felt very relaxed and calmed while going through my Visa process as I was confident that my file would surely go through. I actively listened to all of the suggestions provided by SIO and made changes to my profile accordingly (CA valuation, strong home ties, massive SOP overhaul, strong financial proofs). On 24-Oct, I ultimately received my Canada student Visa and I couldn’t believe when I saw the status of ‘your application is approved’ in GC Key. I am very much thankful to god for directing me to Sonali on that day otherwise this reality of studying overseas would have remained a distant dream for me. So any future prospective students, who are thinking or deciding to go abroad for studies, take SIO as your trusted companion without giving a second thought. These guys will definitely help you out in the best way possible and trust me you will be in for a treat once you will get your dream student Visa at the palm of your hand.

Trinanjan Dutta
Conestoga College, Canada

It’s difficult to find genuine people in today’s world. That said, I found the most genuine consultant I could ever wish for. Richard & the team have been there since day 1 dispelling all the myths about the admission process & make applying so easy. SIO is very well in handling all the queries & will go beyond to help you. It’s more of a personal approach rather than a strategic/ formal process. I am sure you will find you university/ B School as I found mine. Special thanks to Aarti Ma’am for handling the case so well.

Amrit Poddar
University of Sydney, Australia

If we do not trust one another, we are already defeated.” The SIO family treats you in such a way that you are going to trust the world. Each and every time I called them with any queries, their simplicity in the conversation helped me get rid of stress. Without any question asked by their side, they always used to help me, whether it was with paper work or financial support. SIO Family is the first consulting firm that helped me with money in an emergency. I don’t think of it because other consultants asked for money before their work, but they never gave any excuse for it. I would like to say that if you are looking for a great consultant, then go for it. Thank you so much, the SIO family.❤ (Richard Sir, Aarti Ma’am and obviously mentor and friend Ashutosh Sir)

Abhinaba Dutta
Tor Vergata University, Italy


When does my ‘Refer a Student’ become ‘My Student Referral’?

Your ‘Refer a Student’ becomes your ‘My Student Referral’ when the following two conditions are met:

  1. ‘Refer a Student’ is submitted through SIO App or SIO Agent Portal ONLY
  2. The ‘Status’ changes from ‘Enquiry Received’ to ‘Case Accepted’ in SIO App / SIO Agent Portal
What happens if two agents refer the same student?

The case stays with the agent who first sends the case through ‘Refer a Student’ in SIO App or SIO Agent Portal.

Who can make a student his/her agent?
  1. i. One who ‘Refers the Student’ has the first priority to make the student his/her agent.
  2. ii. The first person from SIO who had contacted the student gets the second priority to make the student his/her agent; only iff the referee declines or delays to add the student as his/her agent by min 3 months from the student’s course start date. Approval of SIO’s Director is mandatory.