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Ranked as the third most preferred study destinations by the Indian students, Australia has witnessed a sharp growth and fame for educational applications. Studies In Overseas enable students to unlock their dreams and achieve their goals to gain world-class education and work opportunities.

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Popular Courses

Australia offers a diverse range of study options or courses that consistently rank as the most chosen courses among the Indians. 


Australia offers impressive scholarship options during their study course that includes their living expense as well as tuition fees.

Reputed Degree

Australia is reputed for it’s strong degree that is recognised all over the world and boosts your chances of employment.

Research Benefits

Australian government invests hugely in every field of science, medicines, and technology, in terms of research and development.

Work While Study

Students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 40 hours while studying and the hours get unrestrictred during vacations.

Post-Study Work Visa

The PSWV is also available for all the international students in Australia. Australian graduates need not require a job to apply for this visa. 

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Studies In Overseas curates every possible pathway for students to study in their dream college in their dream country. From personalised guidance IELTS coaching to financial assistance, and visa assurance, we are always there for every candidate, regardless of his educational qualifications or financial conditions. 

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