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Studies In Overseas (SIO)’s Scholarship!

We have a small reward for you for the trust you will put on us. Yes a GUARANTEED SIO SCHOLARSHIP! Yes, you heard it right. Where other consultants charge you to process your Student Visa file, we do those (Search, Selection & Application, Getting your offer letter, Preparing your visa documents including writing your Visa-winning Statement of Purpose (SOP), Preparing for Visa interview, Applying for your Student Visa, and Pre-departure services) for FREE, and also reward you with GUARANTEED SIO SCHOLARSHIP of up to Rs. 20,000 if you apply through BOOK SIO SCHOLARSHIP Now!

The value of the SIO Scholarship is Rs. 10,000 on your Student Visa grant for Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. However, if you get apply for Student Visa through SIO, then you get SIO Scholarship of Rs. 20,000 on your Student Visa grant. Half SIO Scholarship amount rewarded within a week of you getting you Student Visa grant through SIO, and the remain half SIO Scholarship is rewarded within a week of you starting your course. No other conditions applied.

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Director, Studies In Overseas (SIO)

Mr. Richard Suman Halder, MSc, MBA