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Renita Sequeira University of Aberdeen, UK

I had a Canada student visa reject. SIO suggested me to apply in the UK. I got GBP 5000 scholarship to study MBA in the University of Aberdeen. I highly recommend SIO to you.

Swamini Varhade Sheffield Hallam University, UK

On my flight home, I met Mr. Richard. It was serendipity. He sowed the seed of studying abroad. With my 7 yrs of educational gap I never thought that was possible, till it came true.

Gaurav Agarwal
Gaurav Agarwal University of East London, UK

My experience with SIO has been great! The counselors are very professional and friendly. Especially Sonali Ma’am, who guided me in each and every step. I strongly recommend SIO to you.

    Studies in overseas (SIO)

    Why study in UK?

    The UK is the abode to 17 of world’s top 100 ranked universities, as per QS World University Rankings 2023. It is the cradle where centuries-old research-intensive Russell Group Universities are situated. The UK is also the epitome of modernity and technological progress. In every discipline, the UK is an undisputed leader. Study in the best of the best university of the world, in the UK, at affordable tuition fee, and gain international work experience while celebrating the effervescent mutli-cultural life of the UK.

    01/ Learn

    I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.

    – Natalie Portman


    02/ Earn

    The lack of money is the root of all evil.

    ― Robert Kiyosaki


    03/ Yearn

    Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.

    – Jose Ortega y Gasset

    Top ranked universities in the UK

    University of Edinburgh
    King's College London
    The University of Sheffield
    Cardiff University
    University of Warwick
    Queen's University Belfast
    University of Birmingham
    University of Bristol
    University of York
    University of Manchester
    University of Glasgow
    University of Leeds
    The University of Nottingham
    Durham University

    Why Studies In Overseas (SIO)?

    Studies In Overseas (SIO) is your personalized hi-tech high-touch overseas education and career consultancy. We provide professional support in choosing your overseas education destination, guiding you from applying to universities to providing loan assistance to processing your Visa. We value your trust and want your overseas education dream to come true.

    We provide the best study in UK options as per your profile and requirements, be it from top 100 ranked universities, from a particular location, or within a specified budget. You may get the same options from other agents, but you won’t get our level of service and dedication. Call us anytime, and we will respond to your queries and concerns immediately. All our study in UK services (from application to visa) is free and transparent. We share our screens and let you and your parents see every step of your UK Visa application.

    Studies In Overseas (SIO) can help you get admitted in more than 800 Universities/Colleges in 35 countries, which include USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Singapore, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Dubai, Malaysia, Mauritius, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea, Malta, Portugal, Greece, and Russia.

    1. FREE Counselling
      • We provide free online and offline counseling as per your convenience
    2. University/College Application
      • We help you select the best university/college according to your need
    3. FREE IELTS Coaching
      • We provide free online IELTS coaching to all our students
    4. Education Loan Assistance
      • We help you get education loan easily, at best interest rate
    5. FREE Visa Application
      • We share screen and let you and your parents see A-Z of your visa application
    6. Pre-departure Assistance
      • We help you book your flight ticket and accommodation before you board the plane
    • The best way to contact us by filling the “Book FREE Counselling” above and we will call you.
    • You may call/ whatsapp us now on +91 8274054631 (Ms. Sonali Biswas, Kolkata) or +91 7016718334 (Ms. Aarti Verma, Ahmedabad)
    • Feel free to visit us in our office at Studies In Overseas, Suit No. 10C, 113 Park Street, Poddar Point, M.A. Business Centre Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata – 700 016, India

    Free Counselling

    We provide offline & online counselling as per your convenience.

    University/College Application

    We help you select the best university/college options according to your need.

    Free IELTS Coaching

    We provide free online IELTS coaching to all students.

    Education Loan Assistance

    We help you get education loan easily, at best interest rate.

    Free VISA Application

    We share screen and let you see A-Z of your visa application.

    Pre Departure Assistance

    We help you book your flight ticket and accommodation before you board the plane.

    Abhishek Kumar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. World-class education
      • As per QS World University Ranking 2023, 17 out of world’s top 100 universities are in the UK. And it is easy to get offers from these universities.
    2. Low academic requirement.
      • Study in high ranked universities in 60% marks, both in Bachelors and Masters. Pathway options are available in case you have lower marks.
    3. IELTS is not compulsory
      • IELTS score is a university requirement, and they have the right to accept alternative English score or waive it. You can get offers on the basis of your class 12 English marks too if you’ve studied in an English medium school.
    4. Scholarships
      • The UK universities are generous with scholarships to meritorious students. On the 75th anniversary of Indian independence the UK government has also announced 75 fully-funded scholarships for the Indian students.
    5. Part-time job
      • You are eligible to work for 20 hrs. /week while studying in the UK. The min wage in the UK is GBP 6.83/hr. for students 18-20 yrs. old; and GBP 9.18/hr. for students 21-22 yrs. old.
    6. Placement year
      • Many bachelors and master courses in the UK come with a sandwich/placement year, where you can work full time for a year, and don’t have to pay tuition fee for that year.
    7. Post Study Work Visa
      • On completing your study in the UK, you may stay back and work in the UK for 2 yrs. This is applicable to students who have studied a UK bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree or other eligible course for a minimum period of time with Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa.

    The UK promises one of the best educations in the world. According to QS World University Rankings 2023, the UK houses 17 of the world’s top 100 universities. These are: University of Cambridge (2), University of Oxford (4), Imperial College London (6), University College London (8), The University of Edinburgh (15), The University of Manchester (28), King’s College London (37), The London School of Economics and Political Science (56), University of Bristol (61), The University of Warwick (64), University of Southampton (78), University of Glasgow (81), University of Leeds (86), University of Birmingham (91), Durham University (92), The University of Sheffield (96), and University of St Andrews (96). It is comparatively easy to get offers from these universities as compared to similar ranked universities in the USA, Canada or Australia, so study in UK.

    A self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom, known as Russell Group universities, are perceived as the UK’s most prestigious universities, as these are all top ranked universities of the UK. As of 2017, Russell Group members receive over three-quarters of all university research grant and contract income in the United Kingdom. Their graduates hold 61% of all UK jobs that require a university degree, despite being only 17% of all higher education graduates. Russell Group members award 60% of all doctorates gained in the United Kingdom. In the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, Russell Group universities accounted for 65% of all world-leading (4*) research conducted in the UK, and 91% of the Russell Group’s research was judged to be world-leading (4*) or internationally excellent (3*). Of the 21 Russell Group universities that have entered the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF), 10 hold gold awards (48%), 10 silver (48%), and one bronze (5%).


    The general cost of study in UK may generally range between Rs. 10 – 20 lakhs/annum. You need to show 28 days old fund covering 1 yr. tuition fee and 9 months living expense in the UK. The living expense to be shown if studying inside London is GBP 1,334 per month, and GBP 1,023 if studying outside of London. However, you have work right of 20 hrs/week during session, and full work right during vacation, where you can earn a minimum wage is GBP 6.83/hr (18-20 yrs); or GBP 9.18/hr (21-22 yrs). The unique concept of placement year that exists only in the UK can further reduce your financial stress.

    In the UK, skill building is an important part of education. Thus, both in Bachelor and Master, many universities provide a year when students can work full-time (40 hrs/week) and gain work experience. Students do not pay tuition fee for that year (only a nominal administrative fee is to be paid for the entire year).

    During Bachelor, the placement year (also called the sandwich year) is generally the third year (or fourth year) if the course duration is of four years (or five years). This allows the student to put their theories to practice and be skilled while earning handsome. The student gains corporate experience for a year and returns to university for the final year of study. The placement year (sandwich year) help students earn and contribute to their final year tuition fee.

    A placement year during Master is often at the end of the theoretical course, which are generally of 1 yr. This means you have to pay tuition fee for 1 yr. only, and can work full time (40 hrs./week) in the last year. This is considered by many as a golden opportunity to convert into a full time job.

    MBA/MSc Management or any other master degree in the UK is basically of 1 yr theory. So, you pay tuition fee for only 1 yr, as compared to 2 yrs tuition fee which you pay in India or elsewhere. If your course is of 2 yrs. duration, then it is most likely that your entire 2nd yr. is a placement year, where you will work full time and earn, and do not pay tuition fee (only a small administrative fee is to be paid).

    The MBA cost in India from a premium college like IIM, XLRI, IIFT, SP Jain, MDI, NMIMS, SIBM, and others, may cost you around Rs 30 – 40 lakhs for 2 yrs. tuition fee. An MBA/MSc Management or any other master degree in the UK, from higher ranked universities in the UK will actually cost you much lesser, around Rs. 15 – 25 lakhs, in total tuition fee. So, study in UK and become part of the international student community, and kick-start your international career.

    Most international students studying for more than six months are given student visas allowing them to work part-time. This means up to 20 hours work a week during term time and full-time work during your vacation periods.

    The UK Home Office has formally opened its new post-study work visa (Graduate route visa) for international students. This will officially allow Indian and other international students to stay in the UK for 2 yrs. to work after completing their study courses.

    The minimum wage in the UK is GBP 6.83/hr (18-20 yrs); or GBP 9.18/hr (21-22 yrs). The national minimum wage in the UK is GBP 9.5/hr.

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