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Canada has ranked itself among the top countries to live in. Did you know, more than 180,000 students decide to study in Canada for their higher studies because of their high-quality education and affordable rates for the Indian students. What’s better is that Canada is the perfect pathway to get a PR unlike any other countries. 

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Quality Education

Canada is perfectly known for its outstanding education quality. They offer a wide range of courses in multiple fields starting right from engineering, technology, economics, to MBA, tourism, etc. 

Standard Of Living

Canada might be costly unlike India. However, it is still the country with reasonableb price alongside top-notch education, job opportunities, and progressive mindsets to boost your competitive edge. 

Work-Student Life

Canada permits students to work upto 20 hours per week allowing them a supplementary source of income while studying.

Immigration Opportunities

Canada is the best country when it comes to immigration. It is a immigration-friendly country that promises diverse communities and a vibrant lifestyle.

Earning While Learning

A PSWP in Canada allows Indians to work up to 3 years after their studies. Canada hosts multiple job packages that attracts talent and also helps them with permanent residency while working.

Internationally Recognised Degrees

Canada being a global player in terms of higher education, it is globally known for its degrees which are equivalent to the US and the UK. 

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