Study Abroad FAQs

Am I eligible to study abroad?
There are a variety of admission requirements you may need to complete to begin studying as an international student. 

Depending on the degree of education you intend to pursue, the academic requirements (including evidence of English language skills) will differ. 

Some programmes, for example, will need you to complete a foundation course prior to enrolling for a degree. Because different universities and schools may have varying admissions standards, thoroughly review the course material on their websites. 

Our counsellors are available to help you choose the courses and locations that best suit your needs. 

How much will study abroad cost?
The cost of attending an overseas university or institution varies greatly. It depends on the nature of the programme, how long you plan to stay, how far you plan to travel, and what kind of lifestyle you enjoy when you arrive. 

You should be aware that some student visas require you to arrive in your chosen country with a specific amount of money in your bank account. It’s a good idea to look at the immigration sites for the countries where you wish to study or talk to one of our experts. 

To help pay for living and social expenses, many students work part-time in addition to their education. Earning in dollars and the minimum wage rate allow you to earn more money than you would in your native nation.

What should I think about while deciding What and Where to study abroad? 

  • Start by considering your academic interests and career ambitions when picking what and where to study. 
  • Take considerable time to look into specific courses, subjects, and internship or work placement opportunities. 
  • Examine the location of the campus, rankings, the amount of time you want to spend away from home, and the total expense of studying and living in a foreign country. 
  • Evaluate your desired lifestyle and think whether you want to live in a massive metropolis or a peaceful country town. 
  • Would you rather study in a city where there are other students of your nationality or would you like to live beside a beach, in the woods, or in the desert that has a great view or are you thinking about living on campus. 

Will I get a better job if I study abroad?
The experience of learning, living, and socializing abroad will greatly boost your professional possibilities. It’s your chance to learn a variety of new skills, gain new views, and improve your English language abilities while also gaining work experience with the types of companies you want to work for. 

Employers in the United States appreciate specific talents when it comes to recruiting people who have studied abroad, according to a recent survey involving almost 4,500 ex-international students. 

Will my international certificate be acknowledged in my home country?
Employers and professional registration bodies in different nations will require different abilities and qualifications. Overseas degrees, on the other hand, are often well-recognized and valued in both the home nation and around the world. Employers also favour foreign degrees over domestic degrees because they believe you have a deeper understanding of the world and the economy. 

What if it is expensive to study abroad?
International students are eligible for a given number of scholarships and bursaries. The sum differs depending on the level of study and the institution. Scholarships are competitive, and you must have outstanding academic achievements to be considered. Scholarships and awards are also provided by governments and other organizations to assist international students to study abroad. Though there are countries that give a 100 percent scholarship like Italy but to know more about the various scholarships available you have to contact your SIO counsellor 

Is it possible for me to work and study abroad at the same time?
Working while studying can be a beneficial addition to your academic and life experience. You may be able to work while on an international student visa if you are pursuing a degree-level or higher course. Before you start working for money, double-check that your visa permits it. The ability for students to work part-time while pursuing their studies differs by country. 

Many institutions offer a specialized student career centre on campus that posts job openings and helps students acquire skills. Career services at universities can also be a valuable resource. 

How long does it take to complete an application?
To allow adequate time for your applications to be completed and for you to prepare for your study abroad, we recommend starting your application process at least a year in advance.  

Keep in mind that in different countries, the semester year begins at different times of the year. The following are the typical semester dates. 

Do I need an education agent?
You can directly apply to study abroad universities but that will take a lot of time so it’s better to use the expertise knowledge of your SIO (student counsellor) as it’s free and they are much more knowledgeable about the application procedure and thereby will lessen your burden and make the application process smooth and enjoyable for you. 

Also your SIO (student counsellor) are educated about curricular changes and always have your best interests in mind. Most of them have studied abroad and can offer first hand advice at every step of the route because they have been in your shoes.

What if I can’t persuade my parents to let me study abroad?
It is hard for parents to part ways with their child and let them travel to a foreign land. We also know that you have a hidden desire to travel overseas but can’t come to talk with your parents regarding this, fearing that they will not agree to this fact . 

Don’t worry talking always works so you should try talking with your parents regarding your hidden desires and for the extra help call your friend in need SIO. We will try our best to convince your parents to let you fulfill your desire of studying abroad. 

Lastly Let Us Introduce Ourself 

Who are we and What do we do? 

Studies In Overseas (SIO) is a one-stop solution to your study abroad dream. We provide professional support keeping in consideration that your need is as unique as you. We hand hold you to search and select the best overseas university for yourself (or for your child). We help you to crack IELTS, write Statement of Purpose (SOP), and get an education loan. We submit your student Visa in the quickest possible time. We value your trust, and are committed to making your study abroad dream, so don’t worry you are in safe hands.  

What is the Cost of our services?
Our services are free and we do not charge any cost to students. Also you do not have to pay to make an appointment with SIO i.e our counselling, IELTS coaching etc are free of cost. To book a free appointment or know more about study abroad feel free to come and sip a coffee with us.  

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