Top 5 Countries to Study Abroad

If you are currently on a hunt for the best country to study abroad, then you should definitely consider this blog as your one stop solution. We’ve listed the top 5 countries to study abroad based on a range of factors such as educational quality, university rankings, easy admission criteria, and the scholarships available.

According to a news story by The Indian Express, 91% Indian students choose to study abroad and are still continuing although country preferences slightly changed. As per a report of the Ministry of External Affairs despite the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, 261,406 Indian students left the county to study in foreign universities and colleges.  

There’s probably a reason why the majority of the world’s students want to spend their study abroad time in one of the nations listed below. Studying abroad can assist you in discovering new cultures, and expanding your job opportunities. A vacation in a strange nation is nothing like living there.

And for those of you who have previously studied abroad, let us know in the comments if you have any more reasons to study abroad or if you agree with the list thus far.

Best Countries to Study Abroad in 2022

These six parameters are used to determine the rankings-

  • To access high quality education
  • To learn about a new culture
  • To accomplish career objectives
  • To avail post study work visa
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • To avail a possibility of permanent residency


14 out of World’s top 400 universities are in Canada (QS World University Rankings 2021) and one of the lower-cost educations available among major economies. You also get to learn and earn with part time job and internship up to 20 hours per week. Experience different cultures leading to holistic development. Canada also provides 3 years of post-study work visa to students who study for 24 months or more.


The United States of America is the Land of Opportunities. The United States of America (USA) has the biggest number of international students in the world. America has a world-renowned academic system, with 28 of the top 100 universities in the world located here (QS World University Rankings 2022). Low academic, low IELTS score, huge backlogs, and with/without GRE/GMAT are some of the minimum entry requirements for high-ranked American institutions. You can also balance your studies and career by working part-time jobs while completing your CPT (Curriculum Practice Training). OPT (Optional Practice Training) is available for up to three years for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subject students.


UK offers a World class education with 17 out of World’s top 100 universities are in UK (QS World University Rankings 2022). Low entry requirements as high ranked universities are available in low academic score and without IELTS. Affordable and value for money course options are available in the UK. You can also earn in GBP while pursuing your course where 1 GBP equals to Rs 100 approx. Post study work visa opportunities are also available for 2 years.


Australia ranks fourth among international students’ best country to study abroad in 2021. High ranked universities available in low academic, low IELTS score and high backlogs. Easy access to student visas with no Visa interviews and with quick visa outcomes. You also get the facility to earn while studying as you can opt in for plenty of part time jobs while pursuing your full-time course (Minimum Wage 20.33 AUD/hour). Excellent Job Opportunities are available with up to 4 years of post-study work visa.


In our list of the best country to study abroad Italy is a surprise. The only country on our list that provides free education with 100 percent scholarship to economically disadvantaged meritorious students. Italy is home to 9 of the world’s top 400 universities, making it a world leader in education (QS World University Rankings 2021). During the session of learning, you can earn a stipend of 5200 Euros per year (almost 4.5 lakhs per year) and work up to 20 hours each week. After you finish your degree, you can also apply for a one-year post-study work visa.

Now the choice is yours of which country to study abroad and therefore, we suggest that you make the choice wisely. You can also book a free appointment with Studies In Overseas (SIO) and clear your doubts in a one-on-one session.

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